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Posted by john smith on April 25, 2010 at 1:54 AM
Different Types of Weed and Their Effects
Marijuana grown in different parts of the world will differ in the potency of its results. The weather conditions, the soil fertility, the amount of care taken of the plant and many other factors play a part in deciding how potent a particular plant of marijuana actually is. Learn more about the side effects of cannabis. Given below is a list of a few of the most well known different types of weed plants and different types of weed names.
Afghani: This is considered to be one of the best out of the many different types of weed joints. The origin of this plant was in Afghanistan, and it is of the indica strain. The leaves and stems of this plant are big and round and their aroma is very strong.
Kush: This plant is thought by many to be the best version of weed. This is an excellent plant for growing indoors and is known to have a very special taste. This plant is a result of years of inbreeding and is very unique. This is also of the indica strain.
Northern Lights: This is a great indoor plant and many years of selective breeding have made it one of the most potent versions of the indica strain. It is known to have a very distinct earthy taste and is very popular in Holland.
White Widow: This is also a very popular choice and is an indica strain said to possess a very 'skunky' taste. Many believe that this is the strongest form of weed in the world. The high is said to be extreme, and the taste is believed to be divine.
Shiva: The name for this plant is derived from the Hindu God of Transformation. Like other indica strains, this plant remains small in height and does not get very bushy. The taste is said to be extremely exotic in nature.
Haze: Haze is the original sativa plant from Jamaica, and as is common with all sativa plants, it grows very tall and gets very bushy. The seeds of this plant are very small, but very potent at the same time.
Purple Haze: Purple buds on this plant give it a distinct smell and taste. The taste is believed to be sweet and sour, and this is a complete sativa breed.
Durban Poison: This is the original African version of weed. This is also of the sativa strain and it possesses a very candy-like smell. It is the easiest to grow and the best version of weed all over the world.
Ice: This plant has been developed to be stronger and tastier than any other plant and is believed to be the weed plant for the new age. The smell and taste of this plant are exceptional and it is one of the finest qualities of weed around.
Red Dawn: This is a sativa-indica hybrid strain and is found mostly in Russia. It has a very hard and raw taste, but gives a very clear high.

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